When the boys come over

October 20, 2017

My brother and his wife are on vacation for their anniversary. We watched the boys last weekend, and they’ll be coming again this weekend before my brother and sil come home.

It’s been crazy but so much fun! I love those boys so much and seeing them makes me so happy :) I feel like it’s hard sometimes because they are growing up, but still get excited to see me when I am home! I’m going to miss them so much when we move.

Sawyer got hit on the head with a plastic baseball bat
and apparently it blew up into a goose egg on his forehead!
So sad!

We had dinner with my sister and bil, uncle and his kids on Sunday. When I got home from taking photos of Jess (be sure to watch for them here), Cooper and Terrik wanted to use my camera. They were both so impatient for their turns. Cooper didn’t want to share at all, but eventually they took turns without complaints! Neither of them placed their eye over the viewfinder… more so just closing one eye and setting it on top of the camera, and then pressing the button down while it took at least 10 photos. Haha! They were so cute though… :) They love cameras!

Teaching them while they’re young!

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