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Show Us Your Books – April ’17

April 11, 2017

Show Us Your Books - April '17 by Ashley Ziegler

So I don’t read books very fast. Like, I take my sweet time. I don’t know why. Usually if I do it’s because I’m just not interested in what the book has to offer. Which is really sad.

Right now I am reading the St. James series by Jamie Beck. I read the first book quickly and the second book REALLY fast. I was hoping the second book would be the same story as the first but it’s not. And it looks like the third isn’t the same as either 1 or 2. I’m kind of bummed but these books have sucked me in!!

I’m super into YA books. Not sure why. But I am. Haha

I’m currently reading: The Burnout Cure by Julie Hanks, Worth the Risk by Jamie Beck and I want to read: Broken for Good by Rebecca Jones and Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. I’m trying not to put too many books on my currently reading shelf but I want to read different genre’s too!

What are you reading this month?

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Book Review: Quitter by Jon Acuff

March 19, 2017

Quitter: Turning Your Job into a Dream and Your Dream into a Job by Jon Acuff★★★★★

Book Review: Quitter by Jon Acuff by Ashley ZieglerLast November/December, I was contemplating quitting my job and taking photography full-time. Obviously there were a lot of things that needed to be done in order to make this possible. It was really hard and I just wanted to make the jump already but knew that financially, we just weren’t able to make that happen yet. My friend Rachel recommended this book and I’d heard of it a few times but my attitude towards it was not the greatest. I finally ordered the eBook edition on my Kindle Fire and began reading. It was so good I couldn’t put it down. It wasn’t the average self-help/business book but the experiences he shared, the thoughts he shared were just incredible. Everything he taught, he had an experience in his life to relate it too which was really nice to read. Sometimes you can get a list of 5 things to do to quit your job but nobody actually relates to it. This book is great for anyone, especially those who just want to quit their job to fulfill their dream job! I give it 5 stars! Fantastic read!

Blog-tember Challenge: Day 12

September 12, 2016

I love reading so much, you guys. I never have time for it though! I am on Goodreads and I love that I can create a challenge each year, which helps me meet my reading goal for the year. It’s so different each time, but I do my best! I don’t have any problems reading academically or mentally but I just am a slow reader. Unless I’m hooked at the beginning (which very rarely happens) then I’ll read it quick!

I’m in the middle of reading the Harry Potter series for my very first time. Please don’t hate me. Haha, I’m really enjoying the books so it’s been fun! Some other genre’s I like to read are Christian, LDS, Youth Fiction, Romance, Murder Mystery… stuff like that. I have so many books on my to-read shelf online and on my physical reading shelf. Brady keeps telling me I can’t buy any more books until I read all of the books on my shelf at home. Barnes and Noble, Deseret Book and Seagull Book are dangerous places for me. I could be there for hours and break the bank too!

Previously Read

Make It Happen, by Lara Casey

Blog-tember Challenge Day 12 Reading

You can read my review, here.


Currently Reading

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, by J.K. Rowling

Blog-tember Challenge Day 12 Reading

Review coming soon!



The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, by Marie Kondo

Blog-tember Challenge Day 12 Reading

Review will come when I read it! ;)


I’m really excited to finish Harry Potter, read my next book in line and learn more about what books I should read from all of you. What books are you currently reading, have read and want to read?



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