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Lucy’s Life and a Haircut!

March 20, 2017

Here are some photos of cute little Lucy and her little dorkie life! :) She got a much needed haircut and we love it. She doesn’t look black as much as she looks grey/silver/white. Also, she ripped apart her Kong toy so…. we’re going to need something new soon! haha

She’s so cute when she sleeps!

She is loving the warmer weather!

She needs a haircut…

Surprise! She got a hair cut!!

Pretty sunset! Taking Lucy for a walk!

After our walk! She did so great!

Just hanging out on Sunday!


Just Lucy

February 4, 2017

I’m starting to run out of post title ideas for little miss. She’s so cute. This morning, Brady and I were saying prayers and she thought we were like playing hide and seek and she just kept jumping all over us and trying to lick Brady’s face and eventually she jumped up on Brady’s back and then stayed there but was SO scared she didn’t know how to get down. Hahaha it was hilarious!


Lucy is Still Livin’ the Life

January 13, 2017

We visited my in-laws over new years weekend and we took Lucy to a PetSmart location so she could stay in their Pets Hotel! Apparently she loved it and everyone that met her thought she was just so cute! One even said she was “such a cuddler.” Ummmmm you probably have the wrong dog then ;) They said she was a little bit shy toward other dogs at first but quickly opened up! She is still full of energy as she was on day 1 that we got her. She’s a cute cuddler for about 10 seconds and then she just wants to play. She likes to lay her head on my chest under my chin for some odd reason. Or tucked on my shoulder below my ear. She’s a silly girl. She also loves sitting on Brady’s chair now.




October 8, 2016

Lucy.. Lucille.. Lucifer.. haha the little stinker. She’s so cute but man, she’s giving us a run for our money lately. Maybe it’s just me and not Brady. Maybe because I’m a girl and whenever I kiss Brady she wiggles herself in between so that I can’t kiss him. Haha, ugh. 

+ She weighs 12 pounds. Holy crap.

+ She got her rabies shot and was fixed a few weeks ago… DOG PARK, HERE WE COME!!!

+ She can eat all of her food in less than two minutes.

+ She won’t leave you alone when you go to the bathroom. She’ll sit in front of the door and cry and whine and stick her paws under the door cause she misses you! LOL *eyeroll*

+ She destroys all the cute fluffy animal toys we get her. The ones with the stuffing and specifically the ones with the squeaky noise! It’s so sad…

+ She rrreeeeaaallllyyy hates it when you are not paying attention to her. Whether that’s your phone, computer, TV, eating food, doing laundry… she will cry and cry and lick your face and sit on your lap and your chest and scratch at you and cry some more… haha

+ She loves to sunbathe on our patio. It’s like her favorite thing but now it’s getting colder :(

+ I love her so much. Sometimes (emphasis on that word) I really miss her when I’m at school or any work. It’s like I cannot wait to get home to play with her. But then she just ruins all of that and plays rough. Haha

+ She usually takes a nap for about an hour or two (if I’m lucky) either during the day on the weekends or sometime between when I get home and dinner time. It’s like having a baby… I CAN GET ALL THE THINGS DONE THAT I NEED.


We love our lucy girl. She’s so cute!!

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