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April 6, 2017

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCILLE!!! I can’t believe you’re 1!! You’ve grown SO fast and SO much. We love you a lot a lot around here. I still remember when you were just the tiniest thing that snuggled under my neck. Now only your face fits. Hahaha!! You are just cute, sometimes dramatic (a lot of the time), spoiled but just the cutest looking Dorkie there is!


You love your raw hides and can eat them in less than 5 minutes.

You cry at the door every time you need to go potty!

You also cry at the pantry door when you’re hungry!

You know where the treats are because you get one after you go potty outside!

You love your toys but destroy them within seconds of owning them which is why the rope toys have outlasted everything.

You love going to the dog park and being around other dogs.

You just want to play with everyone, big or small!

Your cute little dachshund feet, tail and ears just make my heart melt… cutest things about you!

You look like a giant yorkie!

You know where our bedroom is, and start to cry for wakeup around 7 am.

You know that if only 1 of us leaves, the other is probably still in the bedroom so you still cry for the other person.

You love to get away with things like dryer sheets, leaves, bark, string from your rope toys….

There’s just so many things we love about you. You’re our baby! hahaha I never thought I’d say that about a dog but she’s our Lucy girl and we love her to the moon and back. Happy first birthday my dear, we love you!

Lucy’s Life and a Haircut!

March 20, 2017

Here are some photos of cute little Lucy and her little dorkie life! :) She got a much needed haircut and we love it. She doesn’t look black as much as she looks grey/silver/white. Also, she ripped apart her Kong toy so…. we’re going to need something new soon! haha

She’s so cute when she sleeps!

She is loving the warmer weather!

She needs a haircut…

Surprise! She got a hair cut!!

Pretty sunset! Taking Lucy for a walk!

After our walk! She did so great!

Just hanging out on Sunday!


Lucille Updates

August 4, 2016

We love Lucille so much. It’s fun writing updates about her, even if there’s not really much to say. She is such a joy in our lives and she makes us so happy every day!

Lucille loves to play. She’ll bring her toys to you and occasionally will play fetch, but we’re still working on that. She loves her bones and has about 48329432048 in the living room right now.. or at least it feels like it with how many I step on during the day! She’s always so excited to see you, and basically everyone that comes through the door.

She’s gained a little over 3 pounds since we’ve had her. She’s growing fast and getting so big. We’re not really sure how big she’ll get but where she’s at now is just perfect ;)

She does really good at night, only waking up at 6:00/6:30 in the morning. Early but at least she doesn’t cry during the night! We’re still teaching her and slowly getting rid of accidents but she tricks us by ALWAYS crying at the door so we never know if she really needs to go outside or not. Little stinker… ;)

We love our Lucille and she’s just so cute. 

Lucille Updates by Love Ashley Blog