Showing Appreciation

May 9, 2014

Brady has been an amazing husband these past few weeks and I was looking for something the show him appreciation for and came across this and this on Pinterest. I thought it would be fun and something sweet I could do. It’s hard to plan vacations and things because of work but I know Brady loves candy and how fun is that?

7 Days of Love – All you need is a S-S (Sunday through Saturday) medication container and some candies like skittles, lemon heads, jelly beans, or other hard candies that will fit. Also contains little love notes each day that you husband can read and enjoy a few sweets at the end of his day! I feel like this one works perfectly for me because I have to take medication at night and now he can have his “medication” at night too!

Candy Poster – I have always loved these! I think they’re genius and so much fun! It’s hard to come up with it sometimes but I love finding them and Pinterest is the place to find them! I think this is fun cause you can tell a little story with candy and it can make your loved one smile :)

Hey babe! You are my sweetart! Let me take a fast break & tell you that you make me feel like 100 grand! You
bring me a lot of joy! I love you to pieces. I’m so glad I found a Mr. Goodbar like you! love, babe.

What do you do to show appreciation to your loved one?

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