Why It Still Affects Me

December 8, 2015

The Church announced about a month or so ago, that the Jordan River LDS temple will be closing in the middle of February of 2016 until late 2017 for extensive renovation. I was so sad and bummed out. That’s a very long time for a temple to be closed; especially the busiest temple in the world. That temple has been standing for a very long time.

That temple has so much meaning to me. My parents were sealed there, Brady and I received our endowment there, it was the temple I went to for my very first baptism trip. It’s so small and has become my little home. I grew up attending that temple and spent so much time there serving the Lord. I’m going to miss it!

It’s our wards temple, and the one that Brady and I often go to because it’s the closest. I know that I’m very blessed to live in a city where we’re surrounded by 5 temples. Many members say that we shouldn’t be sad because we have so many temples around, while they only have 1 so many minutes away. But it’s still sad to me. It means so much to me.. I know it’s for the best, and probably much needed. I cannot wait to be at the open house and re-dedication in a couple of years. It’ll be beautiful :)

The reason I posted a photo of the Salt Lake temple and the pond that’s in front of it is because of these thoughts. I walk past it every single day, and I could only feel the Spirit and my Savior’s love knowing how blessed I am to walk past this temple each day. And to have so many temples surrounding me. It’s beautiful, and at times taken for granted, but always, always grateful for the temples.

Thanksgiving in Idaho!

December 7, 2015

Brady and I had so much fun over Thanksgiving! We visited his mother and step-dad in Idaho with some extended family members! We are so grateful to Cheryl and Barry for hosting and letting us stay with them. We were so spoiled with family time, it was great!

We prepped food, played video games, ate food, watched a lot of Christmas movies, played games and just talked and talked. While we prepped the food and just relaxed with each other, it start to lightly snow. It was so magical being up in the mountains watching it snow. Then it started snowing quick and the snowflakes were thick! It was so gorgeous. Emily and I tried our best to capture the snow in time-lapse and slow-motion videos. It was fun.


Thanksgiving day was fabulous with the most delicious meal ever! We had so many pies, but the chocolate pudding pie won my heart over (actually, it’s the only kind of pie I will eat). After we let our stomach’s settle, we played a lot of hilarious games!

We played Family Feud, Minute-to-win-it, Let’s Make a Deal and the kids played Bingo! I was able to move a cookie from my forehead, to the inside of my mouth, using only facial movements in less than 20 seconds. It was crazy! Brady got me doing it on a video!

Unfortunately, Brady had to go home early the next day and I stayed to spend more time with family, and to do a family photo shoot for a friend who lived in the area. It was so great and I can’t wait to share photos here! I love Thanksgiving time. I missed my family a lot, and may have shed a tear or two thinking about them, but I’m so grateful for Brady’s family and making the holiday weekend so great that I couldn’t be too sad for very long! We are definitely blessed in the family department ;)


December 3, 2015
Abbey Kyhl

I just really love #tbt photos.

wishing — I’m really wishing that the semester was over and that I didn’t have anything to do; not one! I really wish I could catch up on all the books I want to read and the ridiculous Netflix shows I want to watch!

remembering — 5 years ago, within the last two weeks, Brady went through the temple to receive his endowment, had his farewell talk, and left on his mission. I’m remembering all the sweet moments we had together and when I truly knew that I loved him, and that I was going to marry this boy. And boy am I glad I did!

wrapping — absolutely nothing yet. It’s very sad! I haven’t done any Christmas shopping. I sent out Christmas cards, so maybe I’m wrapping those? ha!

baking — mmmm. not anything, just a lot of eating of other bakers. My cookies are always flat and nobody eats them that way sooooo there ya go.

decorating — for Christmas wherever I can. We don’t have much space to decorate but I try to do what I can. I love Christmas time and decorations and such.

I’m also currently swimming in finals, studying, projects, homework, photo editing, holidays, family, and me-time. Can’t believe 2015 is almost over!! I remember being so shocked that it was only 2001…. time sure does fly!

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December 2, 2015

My department at work had a party at Boondocks a few weeks ago. We were able to bring one guest with us and since Brady was working that night, I decided to bring my oldest nephew. We had so much fun, eating pizza and playing games!! He ended up with 185 tickets, and got some sweet prizes!! It was a lot of fun. I love one-on-one time with my nephews :)

40 tickets on one machine!