Quiet Car Rides

Something that I really enjoy doing is driving. I love driving far places, and just spending time with myself in the car. Maybe that’s why I love photography and the wonderful opportunities I have to travel to shoot weddings. There’s something so freeing about just relaxing, seeing the beauty of the earth and traveling.

Occasionally I’ll play softer music instead of my usual Jam Out! playlist or my Country music playlist. My softer music includes piano, violin, Mormon Tabernacle Choir and many other artists from CD’s like Especially For Youth program, etc. One particular song always brings comfort to my heart, “Our Savior’s Love.” The rendition I listen to is Hillary Weeks; she’s an amazing artist!

 Sometimes being in my car, spending time listening to the beautiful music of the Gospel, really calms my troubled heart.

I have been feeling extreme burn out lately. The thought of reading scriptures, scriptures I’ve already read before, just feels like a chore. I’m not reading because I want to. Sometimes I’d just rather stay at home on Sunday’s instead of going to church. Exercising and eating better fell off the wagon when I went on a recent vacation. Blogging, photography, and anything creative just aren’t satisfying right now. It’s so hard to feel burn out in a lot of aspects in life that use to consume you.

I’ve changed. I’ve become a quiet person. I don’t socialize or talk to people. I’m not loud and obnoxious or outgoing like I used to be. I’m just quiet, and definitely a homebody now. I’m hoping this summer will be a fun, relaxing summer of just simply having no responsibilities (except work). I want to enjoy being outside, reading books, spending time with my family, going on dates with my husband and swimming. Doing nothing. It’s all I ever want to do.

But, sometimes all you need is a sweet, humbling, simple reminder that peace exists. You can be and feel at peace. You don’t have to be perfect today or tomorrow or even next week. You don’t have to do or be every idea that comes into your mind. You don’t have to impress anyone and everyone. If school isn’t right for you right now, that’s okay. If loving your job or corporate position is fulfilling to you, that’s okay! If spending time at the library brings you happiness, you should go more often. Life is hard, but it doesn’t have to be hard every single day.

Be you, be happy, love God, serve others and live your life to its fullest.




#collaboreads | A Book That Became a Movie

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter #3)

I am joining in on the #collaboreads linkup and I’m so excited. I love reading! This month’s choice was a book that became a movie. I was already 80 pages into reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban so since that book became a movie, I decided that would be my choice for this linkup!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Harry Potter #3)
This is the edition I have.

I have never ever read Harry Potter. I’ve seen all of the movies sure, but I’ve never read the books. I get really intimidated with how thick the books get but I want to get over that and just read the series!! What is your favorite Harry Potter book?

Riveting. What part of the book could you NOT get enough of? The very beginning! I loved how I was able to pay more attention to the signs/ques of things that wouldn’t come until the end of the book. Seeing the movies before reading definitely has its perks but so much happened that wasn’t in the movies!

Elements. How did you relate to/care for the characters? What’s your thought on the plot line and twists and turns? I feel like I relate most to Ron, considering his big family and being a young one of the children. The hand-me-downs are literally my life. Haha!! Harry Potter has the perfect plot line. I can’t wait to read the next! Sometimes I feel like the twists and turns are like, “UGH. I REALLY HATE THAT. But whatever, it has to happen, let’s move on.”

Associate. What other books are like this one? If none, did it remind you of a particular TV or movie with it’s themes and characters? Does it serendipitous-ly line-up with things going on in your life or the news right now? There aren’t any books quite like the Harry Potter books, and I don’t really relate it to my life other than life comes with trials and that’s that!

Design. You know you judged this book by the cover. What did you think of it? How did it relate to the contents of the novel? And the font and layout of the pages? I definitely purchased the book with this cover (see image above) because it is WAY better looking than the original covers. Like so much better.

Stars. How many out of five do you give this book? Would you recommend this book to a friend? I give this book 5 stars, obvi. I would love to recommend this to a friend but that’s why I’m reading it because all of my friends recommended it to me!! Ha


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Next months collab is, “A Book You Can Finish in One Day.”
I have no idea where to find a book like this but I’m pretty sure I’ve got one somewhere!! :)



NEW blog name & niche


Dress: Poppy and Dot | Skirt Extender: Downeast Outfitters | Sandals: Target | Purse: Charming Charlie

The name, “Built Upon the Rock,” comes from my favorite scripture verse found in the Book of Mormon, in the book of Helaman chapter 5 verse 12. (Hel. 5:12). That scripture has been my favorite since I was 12 years old. I was at a Summer girls camp and this scripture was the weekly theme. It has stuck with me ever since.

I have always wanted to pick a niche for my blogging but the only one I’ve ever felt comfortable choosing and the one suggested by basically everyone I know is: Spirituality/Religion. I’m nervous as I learn the ropes of blogging, Christian-blogging, and being safe on the internet while still sharing the word of God.

I am nowhere near nor ever will I, claim to be a perfect disciple of Jesus Christ, know everything about the LDS Church, ⬅️ it’s doctrine, OR how you should find happiness and live a good life. 💛 I am imperfectly trying to become perfect through my Savior.

I am so excited to get sharing blog posts with you & meet so many new friends! :)





Twitter Faves

I wanted to blog some recent tweets I have favorited/loved on Twitter lately. They’re so great and have helped me through the day! :) What are some of your favorite tweets?! Follow me here!