Oh, just Secretary

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I’ve been called to serve in my wards Young Women presidency as the Secretary.

I remember being secretary as a Laurel in the Laurel presidency back in the day ;) It was so stinkin’ easy. I pretty much just took notes, went to meetings, and helped where needed. When Brady and I were in our first ward together as a married couple, I was also called to be the secretary in the Young Woman presidency. It more of a 3rd counselor kind of calling than it was secretary, but I still loved it nonetheless.

This time as secretary, I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. Haha, but it’s exciting. I love doing so much all of the time. I love all of the fun, different, little or big, tasks!! All of the young women in our ward were literally babies when I was first in young women’s. So, I know them but I don’t know them. Hopefully I’ll get to know them over the next little while! :) I like to think that I’m fun. Can I really be a leader though?? Hahaha

I really really really really really loved young women’s when I was in middle & high school. It was an eat, breathe, sleep, walk, talk type of love. I guess you could say it was the time in my life that I really grew and it just so happened to be in young women’s where I found myself and God. I always felt like I belonged there and often prayed that every calling I ever had would be in young women’s. It’s obvious that it never happened (shout out to my nursery kids!!), but this time is different.

I’m not complaining or bragging. AT ALL. Because that’s very much not the case this time. My ward members are so very kind and have shown their support and love as I was sustained into this calling. So many have told me that I belong there, or they can’t imagine anyone better. I love them, and I appreciate them, but I’m just worried this is much more different from what I remember. I walked into young women’s class the first day and felt a little panic because I didn’t really know anyone and there was already so much to do and I just felt so inadequate. 

It was a very humbling first day in young women’s as a leader. I know I’m only the secretary, and don’t do much that the counselors do, but I still view myself as a leader to these girls and I pray and pray that the Lord will direct me in a way that will serve these girls and show them that God loves them. I pray that they’ll have an experience in young women’s like I did, maybe not the exact same, but an experience that they’ll be grateful for. No matter how long I serve, that is my hope and prayer.

Happy Anniversary!!

Brady and I had a really relaxed anniversary! It was on a Monday which was totally a bummer but whatevs, we had a good time! We stayed local and relaxed at home. We watched something together, and then for dinner, we went to the Cheesecake Factory Mmmmm!! So stinkin’ good! Brady had a gift card that we used. Thank goodness! That place can be expensive!! But so good.

I still can’t believe we’ve been married 4 years. 4 YEARS. I know many of you out there think that it’s nothing, but to me, that’s a long time. That’s 2 missions!! ;) I’m learning to find who I am with Brady. That probably doesn’t make any sense but I’ve struggled to leave my single life with friends behind, and be with my husband friend more! Not that it’s wrong to have friends when you’re married but I struggled with this life changing event. I love Brady with all of my heart, and we have endured so much. But when I finally decided for myself that it was time to change my nutrition and exercise habits, it literally changed everything in my life.

My relationship and friendship with Brady became stronger. I started to cherish, more, the time that we spent together. When I had free time, I would spend as much of it with him that I could before he had to go to work or something. I haven’t given Brady enough credit, and on this blog it looks like I battle this life alone, but it’s not true. Brady is the only person who has been through every teeny tiny thing with me. Like when I worked ALL of my hours for 2 months straight, with zero panic attacks OR missing work. He held me that one time I cried all day because I was physically feeling so depressed.

He is my everything and does everything, just for me. I’m grateful he is mine, and forever!!

The day before our anniversary (Sunday), we went to Church and then to my grandparents’ home for a birthday bbq. My grandparents’ birthday are 2 days apart so it was fun to celebrate both of them! Because of this, we also got to see our Lucy girl. We just love her so much and miss her everyday but are so grateful for her “foster family,” my grandparents & aunt.

Show Us Your Books – July ’17

I’m trying to be better about my expectations when it comes to reading. I feel like I have to finish each book that I start to read. It is so dumb because I hate doing that. Some books just don’t interest me like others. I need to stop caring so much and just read what I love and want to and be happy with my pace.

Couldn’t Stop Reading

Worth the Wrestle by Sheri Dew – I finally finished this book and hands down, making it on my top 10 books list. It is so perfectly written for our day in age and it exceeded my expectations. I saved so many quotes and had so many sticky notes in it. Sheri Dew isn’t afraid to tell it like it is all the while sharing her personal experiences that are the same as we experience today. It’s so nice to see a Church leader share those same feelings with us.

Fine Reads

The Burnout Cure by Julie de Azevedo Hanks – I didn’t finish this book. It was a good read, and I had been at it for a year but towards the end I just didn’t care to finish it. The whole workbook idea just really makes me want to read the book less but she has incredible insight. It wasn’t a terrible book but I obviously didn’t read it in a day.

Did Not Finish/Still Reading

Cultivate by Lara Casey – I really like this book. Though I am starting to feel like her thoughts are repetitive but written in different ways. I will definitely finish this because I love Lara’s books and I know this one is great! eBook

Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley – I’ve only read a few pages but it seems like it’s going to be a good book! It is a workbook and that tends to keep me from finishing the book so I hope I can stick with this one! hardbound book

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling – Harry Potter just celebrated 20 YEARS! That’s so awesome!!! :) I haven’t picked this book up in a while because I’ve been trying to read other books but I might just read this one because it’s different than all of the self-help/religious books I’ve been reading/trying to read. Harry Potter never disappoints!

New Reads!


What are you reading this month?

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The Man I Married

I call this the “babe face,” or “Brady face.” 💛 When he looks at me like that, my heart completely melts. It’s a soft, confident, genuine look of love and happiness. It’s the set-everything-aside-I’m-totally-serious look… the one that sees right through me and tells me that I have indeed found the one in whom my soul loves.

Brady is so patient with me. My life has not gone as planned in any direction I have, or have tried, to take. It is frustrating, and it is lonely. I feel like I will never get a chance to do the things that I want to do; which is everything. I have been humbled in my efforts to choose to be and feel and live happy this past week. I’m really trying… I really am. I am doing a lot of self-pep talks and things. God has shown me a side of my heart that I haven’t seen in a very long time.

Brady and I are kind of in the middle of making some decisions regarding our future plans and all that comes with it. It’s scary, it’s intense (mostly for me 😉) and it is trying. I have called upon God many-a-times this week to help me to just be happy and to see things as Brady sees them. To trust my husband and not that devil on my shoulder named anxiety. It has been hard, not in an ignorant or complaining way. Anxiety is hard.

But when I throw aside all of my arguments, all of my wants and dislikes.. I’m finally able to see the man that I love and married and dated and waited for. I am able to see him as more than I ever have. The unknown frightens me to death and leaves me feeling so physically sick. This week, I have had talks with myself, doing self-soothing and all, and when I stand outside of my box, I see that Brady is seeking out my happiness, he is seeking out our happily ever after, he is planning for the future we both dream of… the future we will work hard for.

I love my husband very, very much. I have made it very well known since he left on his mission 7 years ago 😉 and I will keep making it known. I love talking, writing and sharing how happy & loved he makes me feel. I love sharing that happy part of my life with you. And I’m sure those readers who’ve been around a long time are probably happy to read happy posts!! My husband isn’t the enemy that my depression & anxiety make me feel. He isn’t keeping me from doing things I want. He does believe in me, and he wants what’s best for me.

I’ll leave you with this. When we met with our Stake President for our temple recommends and sealing recommend for our wedding day, he shared with us something that will stay with me through all eternity. He said, “if you put his/her happiness before your own, you will be happy.” 💕 My gosh, can I just tell you how true it is! 

I love my husband and his happiness is my happiness.


Currently – July ’17

2017 © Ashley Ziegler Photography

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2017 © Ashley Ziegler Photography
2017 © Ashley Ziegler Photography

documenting — I am documenting my life via planners, Instagram, blog posts, Facebook, photo shoots, Twitter… I prefer digital journaling over physical journaling. I haven’t been able to successfully keep up with a physical journal since I graduated high school. It held me together in high school and probably through my first and second year of college. Then I got married and poof! it’s all gone. Haha!

accomplishing — well well well. This is my biggest struggle right now!! I have been talking about it non-stop for quite some time. Life plans were supposed to change in January of this year but they didn’t and it totally threw my life off course and I haven’t been able to hop back on the train again.. it’s been really difficult so I’m not accomplishing anything right now.

enjoying — my planners. I purchased my very first Erin Condren planner this Spring and it started this week so I’m really excited to start using it. I’ve decided I’m going to use it as my “wellness” planner. I’m going to focus on planning things like reading books, taking walks, drawing, therapy appointments, cleaning… pretty much “me time” stuff. I’m excited!

reading — Oh my gosh am I reading right now!! Haha, I’m currently reading: Cultivate, Chances Are, The Healing Code, Grace Not Perfection, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban… and probably a few more. So many good books to read!!

spending — I’m trying not to spend anything!! I actually mapped out our entire finances in a spreadsheet via Google Docs. It’s crazy. I even included our car loans, and my student loans (since we’re currently paying on them), and even though that adds up a HUGE chunk of our entire debt number, we’re going to be completely debt free in 2023 (I believe… lol). I’m so excited, of course, things could change and that date could definitely change but for right now, that’s what we’re shooting for!!

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