Packing Sucks

December 7, 2017

Brady and I have moved a lot in our married life. It’s exhausting and causes me a lot of anxiety. Packing is the worst and I just want to settle somewhere and not have to pack ever again. It’s hard work.

Feeling like I needed to cram in all of my goodbyes was stressful!! There just isn’t enough time in the day or the week or the month! I ended up with a pinched sciatic nerve the last couple of days of work and that was really hard. At my job, I’m on my feet my entire shift and I’m lifting boxes, climbing on ladders, stocking stuff on shelves, walking around… just constantly moving and it really made the pain worse. I tried to tough it out because I didn’t have time to go see a doctor.

I’m so grateful to my mom and my husband who helped me pack our stuff because I would have gone crazy if I had to do this myself. Before taking off on our new adventure, I was able to visit with my cute friend Taelor and her little girls!! They’re so stinkin’ cute. I’ve never met them so I was really excited when we got together for lunch and a treat after! It’s so good to catch up with Tae in real life, I miss her so much!!

So so so so grateful for good people in my life. People that love and care about me. So many people online too! I have amazing online friends as well as IRL friends! ;) My life is one big blessing and I am doing my best to see that each day!

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