My Struggle with Scripture Study

April 13, 2017

I was that girl in high school that carried her Bible everywhere. Except for me, I carried my Book of Mormon everywhere. It was my comfort, my distraction, my escape. It brought me peace, comfort, love, happiness. I felt secure, safe and protected. Whatever came my way, I would be able to handle it.

I had read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover for the very first time, by myself, when I was a Laurel. I was so proud and happy and it was different. It was different reading for myself than it was with family or in my seminary classes. I chose to read. I was motivated. I did it.

My Struggle with Scripture Study by Ashley Ziegler

Fast forward 7 years later and I haven’t read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover since. It’s a struggle now. Why?

Sometimes I wonder if where I was at in my life as a Laurel depended so much on the scriptures that anything else didn’t matter or wasn’t worth it. Not that I don’t need the Book of Mormon or any other scripture right now, that’s simply a view on it. I’ve started the Book of Mormon probably a billion times since but never finish. I usually stop right before Alma… Alma shmalma. It’s so long, and that’s not what’s intimidating, the last bulk of the book is difficult to read through.

I also got a new copy every single time I would start reading from page one. I loved it because I saw things differently. I was underlining things I’d never spotted before. My journaling became about how it applied to my life RIGHT NOW instead of in general. Now I have what feels like a billion copies of the Book of Mormon. Again, not that it is wrong.

I’m not bored with the Book of Mormon (that sounds really terrible). I’m not. But maybe struggling with reading it over and over again means that I should be reading it non-stop… I also like to read other scripture such as the Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, the Old Testament and New Testament (aka the Holy Bible – King James Version). I have only ever completed reading D&C from cover to cover once and none other scripture.

My Struggle with Scripture Study by Ashley Ziegler

I’m very hard on myself. Like, so bad. I compare myself now to who I used to be because I have grown a different way than I was. I had a routine to read my scriptures at my desk every night before I went to bed. I had a journal to write my thoughts or things I found interesting in a verse. Now, I never get up early to read, or even read when I get up. I don’t read before I go to sleep, occasionally but not all the time.

I read on Sunday because well, Sunday. I’m not trying to dry out my dirty laundry and talk about how bad of a Mormon I am. I just feel like there are so many people out there who struggle with scripture study. I’ve been known to be a pretty spiritual person but did you really know that I don’t read the scriptures everyday?

The photos above are my set of scriptures that I received as a baptism gift when I turned 8. I have marked up almost every page. All of those tabs are tiny reminders to scriptures that I read multiple times a day and sometimes memorize. These scriptures are my young women scriptures, my study scriptures, my church-going scriptures, my life. They are my life.

I’m going to write down a couple of ideas that I’m going to try out to maybe spend some time reading some scripture, maybe not even a set amount, just until I stop reading I guess.

  • iPhone app
  • Print off a poster and color in daily boxes
  • Calendar reminder
  • Sticky notes
  • Set scriptures on nightstand
  • Read during breakfast
  • Listen to while driving/doing laundry
  • Read out loud before bed
  • Record thoughts on verses in a journal
  • Read with someone.

What ways do you remember to read your scriptures?

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  • Kaylee Coles April 14, 2017 at 11:50 AM

    I don’t really have a certain way I remember, it’s just a habit (to the point that if get in bed without reading I’ll wake up a few minutes later and realize I forgot). I started reading each night when I began seminary in ninth grade, and I’ve only missed once (the day my baby was born) since then. HOWEVER, I don’t beat myself up about how many verses I read. Sometimes I read a whole chapter or two, sometimes I only read a few verses. As long as I’m giving it my best effort, I call it good. And that’s what’s important! Ideally we’d all read every day, but sometimes that’s just not possible. And what’s possible for one person isn’t necessarily possible for another. I think it’s your intent that matters. My goal is to focus a little more intently on the verses I read. Sometimes I feel like I’m just reading to check it off my mental list, instead of really trying to understand. I also want to start using my actual scriptures instead of my phone because it’s so much easier to highlight and make notes by hand, in my opinion.