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April 7, 2017


The last month has been going really well for me. I’m not really sure what did it but I’ve been working really hard to remain positive each day. I know people have been telling me these things for years but nobody can do anything about it except for myself. I needed to find it out on my own, discover on my own and I just feel like I’m in that place right now.

I take some medication twice a day. One of them I can’t take past a certain time or else I will be up all night! So I scheduled specific times during the day EVERY day to remind me to take my medicine at that time and it’s been doing wonders. It really has probably made the most difference of anything. I just have a better attitude toward waking up, going to work (early too), being productive at home, and right now I’m currently trying to be okay with being alone.

A lot of people love alone time, and yes, I do but boy am I a people person. I have been trying to find a way to get rid of the loneliness I feel on the daily. I am so proud of Brady and I love him very much. He works REALLY hard for us. But with that comes opposite schedules and while I do my best without him, I miss that human interaction every day. Trying to find friends to fill that gap isn’t working out. Tv shows, internet, social media, etc. is just not working and I’m still feeling that loneliness. I’m glad it’s getting warmer outside so I can take Lucy to the dog park. I also love having the blinds open and windows!

I feel ready to learn to love me time. I am really just tired of trying to fill my time with things that just don’t do it. I got a gym membership recently and I’m really excited about going. It’s hard to make myself get in the car and go but once I’m there, my attitude totally changes. Isn’t that dumb? It’s just a car ride. Haha!! Anyway, with that comes with the question, what do I do at the gym? I’ve been doing some things that I remember from conditioning in cross country in HS but that’s about it. Also, I looooooove having a gym bestie so hit me up if you wanna go!

I’m looking for a personal trainer/nutritionist/person to help me. I have terrible asthma (that’s what the doctors always call it) when I get my heart rate going, even with something as simple as going up a flight of 10+ stairs. I’ve seen a doctor, multiple actually, I’ve done every test and then some and they still can’t figure out why I can’t breathe when I exercise. There are a few factors that we talked about but I’m on my own now and my doctor thinks that getting in shape could possibly help with my breathing. Even though I’ve had the problem since 7th grade when I was in the best shape of my life!?!? Doesn’t make sense…

Anyway, so I’m going to go with my sister when she meets with her coach to go over meal plans and such and ask questions if I have some. If you know of a personal trainer/food person, let me know! I’m really serious about getting this figured out and getting my life back. I’ve let myself go in too many areas and they need to go. Follow me on IG: @ashcanfitness

Brady and I are moving, which means it’s time to get packin’. Packing gives me high anxiety which is stupid because I loooooove organization. I’m the kind of girl that will make piles of stuff and then get distracted when I walk past another pile and then another pile and then basically everything is in piles but it isn’t going anywhere!!! It’s so frustrating… haha! anyway, I swear to myself every time that I’m never moving again but life doesn’t go as you plan… usually ever ;)

I only have 2 classes left of my AS degree in Psychology at SLCC but because of a few dumb things (my fault) I may or may not be able to get financial aid and yada yada yada.

I think that’s about it right now. So basically I’m really ready to get serious about my weightloss and nutrition. I need to get that in control because I just know that it’s the only thing left that I have that I can do for myself to make myself better, and to enjoy “me” time.

Lots of stuff coming up this month!

Stay tuned!



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  • Amberly-A Prioritized Marriage April 7, 2017 at 7:51 AM

    I hope your financial aid stuff gets worked out!! Two more classes is great!! So close!!

  • Jessica April 7, 2017 at 10:20 AM

    Let me know how the meal plans go! I’ve been carb-cycling and it’s working for the most part lol 😉