July 13, 2016

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toasting | this really could be about anything. I’ve been eating a lot of toast and eggs lately. Haha, buuuuut I’m also toasting to my mom because she is so strong and is dealing with so much but remains the most wonderful woman in my life.

going | we are going to celebrate my dad’s birthday by going on a hike (he looooooved the outdoors) and having cupcakes and balloons at his grave. We are also going up to my in-laws this month to go boating, and my whole family is coming! It’s going to be so great :)

smelling | bbq’s, home cooked meals, nothing from my new lipstick ;)

wearing | sweat pants. Haha, a lot of them. Skirts too, more so when I go to work of course.

wishlisting | so many things. New camera, new lens’, books, clothing, new phone, new workout shoes, random stuff on Amazon that I probably don’t really need.

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