December 26, 2015

I never blogged about Christmas. I keep forgetting to, so here we are! :)

Christmas was so much fun. Christmas Eve was spent last minute shopping for food for our family’s annual tradition: a buffet. We also watched Christmas movies, wrapped presents and ate candy :) We love Christmas at my parents house. Best time of the year!

Christmas Eve was spent eating delicious food, watching some great TV shows and playing games with the family. My mom was making some food for my dad to eat, since he is on his special cancer-kicking diet. I made him some granola bars and it was a hit! He really liked them, and it was fun to make something for him! Time came, and pajama opening it was! The cute little boys got their own pajamas, and were so excited they wanted to open more but unfortunately, had to wait for morning so Santa could come!


I was even getting all excited for Christmas and wasn’t sure I’d be able to sleep. Brady and I woke up the next morning around 7:00 and exchanged gifts! I got Brady some shirts, socks, candy from England, and a gaming gift card. Brady got me the cutest little box (looks like a treasure chest) to put all of my sewing things inside. Which is just what I needed! He also got me these awesome sewing scissors, and three DS games! He’s such a cutie :)

We headed over to my parents house for more presents and Christmas breakfast. It had snowed a ton that morning, so we drove over pretty slow. Everything was covered in white and there weren’t that many cars out so it was beautiful. When we arrived, things started to smell like eggs, bacon, sausage and toast! Mmmmm, I love Christmas breakfast!


We watched my parents and my little sister open some fun gifts from each other. My cute sister loves getting stuff for her bedroom, so my mom got her some new bedding which she was pretty stoked about. My mom got some awesome kitchen supplies (which is totally her thing) and my dad got a Keurig 2.0 so he can stop using his kettle to make tea on the stove. Ha!

We always do a secret santa type thing between the siblings/spouses, so we each draw a name and get a gift for that person, so we’re not out buying gifts for everyone. It’s fun! I think we all probably got gift cards this year. Which is always the best! The little boys opened up their presents so fast, I’m not even sure I saw anything they received!

A lot of toys, clothes, books, and so many fun things!! Christmas with little kids is extremely fun. Their reactions, excitement and just pure joy is the best! Evan kept wondering where more presents were ’cause he opened his so fast!!! Lol.


We continued to hang around for a bit and enjoy the morning. My parents got us our family pictures framed beautifully! I love family photos, and picture frames. My parents also got me a signed copy of Al Fox Carraway’s new book. I almost cried it was so special!! I had previously bought my own copy of it, and now I can give it away to someone else and keep my personalized one. Al is a beautiful person and I cannot wait to read her book!

Brady and I then left to visit his grandparents on his dad’s side of the family. We had a wonderful and delicious lunch. It’s always so good to see family, and we’re grateful we got to on Christmas day!! A few hours after, we headed over to Granny and Duke’s (Brady’s mom’s side) for some Christmas dinner and presents and family time. I was so full from lunch that I didn’t eat any dinner!

Granny is so sweet to make sure that each person gets at least one gift. I love that she lets the married grandchildren share gifts, because they’re always something special. She got us this cute craft birthday thing so we can remember birthday’s in the family. Brady’s mom and step-dad got us some nice gifts from a trip they took earlier that year. A cute side purse for me and a new wallet for Brady!


After being there for a while we headed back home to fall back asleep because we were so tired!! So much running around and family. It always seems hectic and makes me anxious, but at the end of the day, I’m always filled with happiness and gratitude for all of our family.

It’s hard sharing time, but everyone understands and we do what we can with the time that we do have. Christmas was so wonderful, and so special. Another one for the books!! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!!

How many more days ’till the next one? ;)

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