If you’re new to my blog, you’re probably wondering what the heck Cholangiocarcinoma is.

Cholangiocarcinoma is Bile Duct Cancer.

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There are 3 different types of Bile Duct cancer:

Intrahepatic bile duct cancers, Perihilar (also called hilar) bile duct cancers, and Distal bile duct cancer.


Intrahepatic cancers begin in the smaller bile duct branches in the liver.
Perihilar cancers develop in the hilum, where the left & right hepatic ducts have joined, and leaving the liver.
Distal cancers are found further down the bile duct, closer to the small intestine.


Nearly all bile duct cancers are called cholangiocarcinomas. Most of these are adenocarcinomas, which are cancers that start in glandular cells. Bile duct adenocarcinomas develop from the mucous gland cells that line the inside of the duct.


Cancers that spread to other organs, like the liver, are called secondary liver cancers.
Kelly Green is the chosen color to bring awareness to Bile Duct Cancer.
February is the selected month dedicated to awareness of Bile Duct Cancer.

Although I was never told exactly which type of Bile Duct cancer my dad had, he and I talked about it one time and both agree that his was Intrahepatic. It was a very tough and long journey for my dad, and you can read all of the related posts to his cancer journey, and some personal posts I’ve shared since his passing. If you would like to learn more about Cholangiocarcinoma specifically, please visit


In sweet, loving memory of my dad. 

Cholangiocarcinoma by Love Ashley Blog | Photo of Ashley and her dad.

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