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Sunday Shenanigans

November 17, 2017

Brady has been substitute teaching a Sunday school class for the youth. Our ward put on a special marriage & family class and invited any adults who were interested. The marriage class was 8 weeks long, and the family class was an additional 8 weeks long. Brady subbed for 16 weeks and boy did I miss him!! I love Sunday school but sitting alone makes me sad. Haha, I love being with Brady as much as I can be these days and I knew it would be overwith soon but it felt like forever!!

Brady’s done now and I’m so glad to have my husband back. Church is much better when he’s there with me :) Also, I got this new dress ^^^ and I love it. It’s long sleeve but it’s so comfy!! We also decided to walk to Church this day and the heels I wore made my feet hurt. It was too beautiful outside to not walk anyway.

OB1 To Know Me

August 11, 2017

Girls camp. Where do I even start? I know I’m like a month late on posting this but I’ve been pondering what and how to post this. I loooooooooooved girls camp. It was amazing and so fun and I loved getting to know the girls.

I’m the Secretary in the Young Women Presidency in my ward. We had a few people coming and going and they needed some extra help so I jumped on board. The cabin I was in was Cabin 1B. Our cabin name was Naboo. Our camp theme was OB1 To Know Me, aka star wars. It was really cute and super fitting and the girls loved it!!

My cabin just happened to be the hangout/party cabin the entire week. Tons of mafia was played in there, late night whispers and go-fish playing. If you were looking for someone, they were most likely in my cabin. I had a hard time sleeping and woke up pretty early each day that we were there. Some mornings I would go out and sit in my camp chair and just wait for the cute animals to come walking through our camp-site, like they did every morning. It was fun. I also enjoyed the quiet/early morning of being in the beauty of the earth.

We had many, wonderful camp activities, meals and time with each other. I’ll do my best to remember what we did each day, but it’s been a while so I may forget!

Monday we arrived to girls camp around 10:00am. The YCL’s (youth camp leader) arrived earlier to decorate and get ready for the rest of the young women to show up. We unloaded everything, snagged our beds and had a small breakfast. After, the leaders had some meetings/training’s to go to. We sang many girls camp songs and enjoyed our down-time. It was a good day and I was excited for what was to come. We had some pretty good food too! We had the missionaries come and talk to us and the girls about the different types of plants, flowers, and animals that we might find while we’re here. We also did a craft and made a handle type thing for our water bottles out of yarn. The girls loved it! We ended the night with an INCREDIBLE devotional involving light, darkness and God. It was amazing and beautiful.

Man, Tuesday was an extremely busy day. Our entire day was filled with plans!! We woke up in the morning, had breakfast and had to head to the lake quick! We were going to be canoeing!! I had a terrible experience when I did it as a young woman, so I swore I wasn’t going to do it again, but instead take photos. But alas, I thought a young woman leader needed a partner on the canoe and told myself to be that partner even if I hated it. There ended up being three of us (so I wasn’t really needed ;) haha) and it ended up going okay but I wasn’t excited. After we got back, we had some yummy lunch and camp certification and I finally gave in to the MUCH needed nap to get rid of my migraine.

 After dinner, we went on our “certification” hike. We hiked to Lookout Point to see the sunset and have a devotional. We were late to get going so we missed the sunset but still had an incredible devotional. The hike was reallly hard for me but with the incredible help of some of the leaders, I made it to the top. When I got to the top, I started to cry. I hadn’t ever completed a hike. EVER. I always had to stop halfway and go back. I have a hard time breathing with hikes and it limits me on the hikes I can do. But with this I made it and I was totally emotional. The last hike I tried to do was for my dad, and I never made it to the top. This one I made it and the lookout was incredible. My dad would have loved this hike and seeing the reward at the end. I miss him so dearly… my heart just ached for him. We left pretty quickly after the devotional because it was getting dark fast, but while hiking back down it start to drizzle a little of rain but we all made it back safely, got changed and went straight to bed to get warm! It was an incredible, busy, exhausting day but was totally worth it!

Wednesday morning, I got up early to take a shower. (Yes, we had showers) and it was magical. The young women did a service project Wednesday morning and I totally missed it while showering. It was amazing though and just what I needed. I felt so much better on Wednesday than on Tuesday. My migraine was gone and I actually got a pretty good nights sleep. Wednesday was our “free time” day. We didn’t have a lot going on and it was so nice. We spent some time doing more camp certification, crafts and hanging out. Wednesday night we spent time doing our skits. The skits are a big deal (at least, this year they were) and we had so much fun. It was extremely cloudy and eventually a rainstorm hit but do not fear, the show went on! We had the Beehives go first, then the MiaMaids, and then the Laurels. After which the leaders were then invited up to do their skit. We even let the Priesthood do a little something! It was cold, and we did get a little wet but the dramatic weather added to the star wars themed skits. It was so awesome!

Thursday is the best day. The girls were looking forward to it all week! We had our Challenge Course on Thursday AND it was testimony meeting. I’ll explain in a second.
I woke up early (again) on Thursday morning, went up to the pavilion and sat in my camp chair just hoping I’d see the cute animals come walking through. Sure enough, the turkey named Lucy, and her two babies, came walking through. One of the babies just roams by itself, then cries, so the mother calls to it, and then they find each other. It happened a few times while they were at our camp site. Eventually they leave. A few minutes later, if not at the same time, we have the cute deer come down to our campsite. They never walk through it, just around it in the bushes/trees. We’ve seen a mama and a baby deer all week, but Thursday morning I saw two adults and three babies!! It was magical. Haha, I walked over to the other side of our campsite to watch them more closely and recorded some video. One of the babies was just hopping back and forth really really fast. I pulled out my video and as the baby came hopping past, it stopped, looked at me, and immediately started running the opposite direction, far away. I laughed. It was so cute. I miss seeing those cute animals in the early morning. We also had some squirrels/chipmunks that hung-out with us.

The challenge course is a bunch of small courses/challenges and the girls are split up into groups and have to complete the challenges in a specific amount of time and only using each other for help. It was so fun! They had one course that was a swing where you went up super high and then let go and swing for a bit. It was scarier than I remember!! I helped with the Partner Walk course. Basically you step on a rope while your “partner” stands on a rope in front of you. The two of you have to be holding hands the entire time, while you walk down the ropes which are spreading further apart from each other. It was fun and two girls got super close to the end! :)

Testimony meeting is always held on the last night at girls camp. The Bishop comes up to visit, has dinner with us, shares some thoughts and bears his testimony. The remainder of time is given to the girls (and leaders) to bear their testimonies on whatever they’d like to. It’s such a special and spiritual night. The girls look forward to it all week. We definitely had a lot of fun this week, and we stayed busy, but this night is the best night. We had so many wonderful testimonies shared and I’m so proud of all of the girls. I love them each so dearly and I am grateful to God for calling me to this position within our ward. So grateful. After it’s all over, we cleaned up, went to bed for tomorrow we go home!



Me!! ↓
Friday morning we headed for home. We had leftovers for breakfast, cleanup, chores, one last devotional and headed for home. It went by so fast and we were so tired but so sad to leave all at the same time!! Loved girls camp. Love the young women in my ward and so happy I went!

Oh, just Secretary

July 13, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I’ve been called to serve in my wards Young Women presidency as the Secretary.

I remember being secretary as a Laurel in the Laurel presidency back in the day ;) It was so stinkin’ easy. I pretty much just took notes, went to meetings, and helped where needed. When Brady and I were in our first ward together as a married couple, I was also called to be the secretary in the Young Woman presidency. It more of a 3rd counselor kind of calling than it was secretary, but I still loved it nonetheless.

This time as secretary, I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. Haha, but it’s exciting. I love doing so much all of the time. I love all of the fun, different, little or big, tasks!! All of the young women in our ward were literally babies when I was first in young women’s. So, I know them but I don’t know them. Hopefully I’ll get to know them over the next little while! :) I like to think that I’m fun. Can I really be a leader though?? Hahaha

I really really really really really loved young women’s when I was in middle & high school. It was an eat, breathe, sleep, walk, talk type of love. I guess you could say it was the time in my life that I really grew and it just so happened to be in young women’s where I found myself and God. I always felt like I belonged there and often prayed that every calling I ever had would be in young women’s. It’s obvious that it never happened (shout out to my nursery kids!!), but this time is different.

I’m not complaining or bragging. AT ALL. Because that’s very much not the case this time. My ward members are so very kind and have shown their support and love as I was sustained into this calling. So many have told me that I belong there, or they can’t imagine anyone better. I love them, and I appreciate them, but I’m just worried this is much more different from what I remember. I walked into young women’s class the first day and felt a little panic because I didn’t really know anyone and there was already so much to do and I just felt so inadequate. 

It was a very humbling first day in young women’s as a leader. I know I’m only the secretary, and don’t do much that the counselors do, but I still view myself as a leader to these girls and I pray and pray that the Lord will direct me in a way that will serve these girls and show them that God loves them. I pray that they’ll have an experience in young women’s like I did, maybe not the exact same, but an experience that they’ll be grateful for. No matter how long I serve, that is my hope and prayer.

Temples Underconstruction

April 25, 2017

I recently read a Facebook post that President Dieter F. Uchtdorf made about temples and those temples that are closed. He said:

During my trip, I received many inquiries regarding when the temples in Paris and Frankfurt would open. Certainly, the Lord is pleased when we want to enter His holy home and receive sacred ordinances for our families and ourselves. However, I couldn’t help but wonder if instead of being so concerned about when a temple would be completed, perhaps we would make better use of our time to spiritually prepare to be worthy to enter these temples at any time—regardless of their availability date.

Living in Utah, we are blessed immensely with temples. We have 15 now? I can’t remember, but I know that the Salt Lake Valley is the only valley to have 4 temples in it. It’s crazy! I know there are a lot of people out there who aren’t near a temple, maybe they’re miles or hours or days away or maybe…. they don’t even have a temple. I definitely take for granted going to the temple here in Utah. I know that one will always be open if others are closed. I can always go to the temple, at any time-day, night, week, weekend, hour… anything. So, I often don’t go.

LDS Jordan River Utah Temple

Copyright 2017 Ashley Ziegler Photography

The Jordan River Temple holds a special place in my heart that I’ve probably blogged about before. It’s been closed for over a year now, and is to be opened back up through the latter of 2017. I’m so anxious for it to be open again! It’s been our wards temple in every ward we’ve been in. I love it here so much! I received my endowment here, my parents were sealed here, my husband received his endowment here, it was the first temple I ever went inside of to do work for the dead… there’s just a lot of meaning to it for me and now it’s going to look completely different!! I’m excited to see this long-overdue construction end!

Back to what President Uchtdorf said, I think he makes a really strong point. It is so important for us not to lose focus on the meaning of the temple. The influence of the temple in our lives can be really strong and we need to work on that continually. Whether we have 15 temples, 1 temple, a temple 5 or 6 hours away or days away, we should ALWAYS be working and studying and praying to be more righteous and clean disciples of Jesus Christ so that we may enter the House of the Lord anywhere and at any time. We cannot lose focus on the true meaning of going to the temple.

I encourage you to find a time to go to the temple yourself. I’ve had people come at me because sometimes I choose to go to the temple by myself – aka, without my husband. That’s OKAY. There is nothing wrong with spending alone time in the temple, or going with your girlfriends (or guy friends). You made covenants with the Lord too, spend some time with him in his house. You won’t regret it.

LDS Jordan River Utah Temple

Copyright 2017 Ashley Ziegler Photography