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Oh, just Secretary

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know that I’ve been called to serve in my wards Young Women presidency as the Secretary.

I remember being secretary as a Laurel in the Laurel presidency back in the day ;) It was so stinkin’ easy. I pretty much just took notes, went to meetings, and helped where needed. When Brady and I were in our first ward together as a married couple, I was also called to be the secretary in the Young Woman presidency. It more of a 3rd counselor kind of calling than it was secretary, but I still loved it nonetheless.

This time as secretary, I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO. Haha, but it’s exciting. I love doing so much all of the time. I love all of the fun, different, little or big, tasks!! All of the young women in our ward were literally babies when I was first in young women’s. So, I know them but I don’t know them. Hopefully I’ll get to know them over the next little while! :) I like to think that I’m fun. Can I really be a leader though?? Hahaha

I really really really really really loved young women’s when I was in middle & high school. It was an eat, breathe, sleep, walk, talk type of love. I guess you could say it was the time in my life that I really grew and it just so happened to be in young women’s where I found myself and God. I always felt like I belonged there and often prayed that every calling I ever had would be in young women’s. It’s obvious that it never happened (shout out to my nursery kids!!), but this time is different.

I’m not complaining or bragging. AT ALL. Because that’s very much not the case this time. My ward members are so very kind and have shown their support and love as I was sustained into this calling. So many have told me that I belong there, or they can’t imagine anyone better. I love them, and I appreciate them, but I’m just worried this is much more different from what I remember. I walked into young women’s class the first day and felt a little panic because I didn’t really know anyone and there was already so much to do and I just felt so inadequate. 

It was a very humbling first day in young women’s as a leader. I know I’m only the secretary, and don’t do much that the counselors do, but I still view myself as a leader to these girls and I pray and pray that the Lord will direct me in a way that will serve these girls and show them that God loves them. I pray that they’ll have an experience in young women’s like I did, maybe not the exact same, but an experience that they’ll be grateful for. No matter how long I serve, that is my hope and prayer.

Temples Underconstruction

LDS Jordan River Utah Temple

I recently read a Facebook post that President Dieter F. Uchtdorf made about temples and those temples that are closed. He said:

During my trip, I received many inquiries regarding when the temples in Paris and Frankfurt would open. Certainly, the Lord is pleased when we want to enter His holy home and receive sacred ordinances for our families and ourselves. However, I couldn’t help but wonder if instead of being so concerned about when a temple would be completed, perhaps we would make better use of our time to spiritually prepare to be worthy to enter these temples at any time—regardless of their availability date.

Living in Utah, we are blessed immensely with temples. We have 15 now? I can’t remember, but I know that the Salt Lake Valley is the only valley to have 4 temples in it. It’s crazy! I know there are a lot of people out there who aren’t near a temple, maybe they’re miles or hours or days away or maybe…. they don’t even have a temple. I definitely take for granted going to the temple here in Utah. I know that one will always be open if others are closed. I can always go to the temple, at any time-day, night, week, weekend, hour… anything. So, I often don’t go.

LDS Jordan River Utah Temple
Copyright 2017 Ashley Ziegler Photography

The Jordan River Temple holds a special place in my heart that I’ve probably blogged about before. It’s been closed for over a year now, and is to be opened back up through the latter of 2017. I’m so anxious for it to be open again! It’s been our wards temple in every ward we’ve been in. I love it here so much! I received my endowment here, my parents were sealed here, my husband received his endowment here, it was the first temple I ever went inside of to do work for the dead… there’s just a lot of meaning to it for me and now it’s going to look completely different!! I’m excited to see this long-overdue construction end!

Back to what President Uchtdorf said, I think he makes a really strong point. It is so important for us not to lose focus on the meaning of the temple. The influence of the temple in our lives can be really strong and we need to work on that continually. Whether we have 15 temples, 1 temple, a temple 5 or 6 hours away or days away, we should ALWAYS be working and studying and praying to be more righteous and clean disciples of Jesus Christ so that we may enter the House of the Lord anywhere and at any time. We cannot lose focus on the true meaning of going to the temple.

I encourage you to find a time to go to the temple yourself. I’ve had people come at me because sometimes I choose to go to the temple by myself – aka, without my husband. That’s OKAY. There is nothing wrong with spending alone time in the temple, or going with your girlfriends (or guy friends). You made covenants with the Lord too, spend some time with him in his house. You won’t regret it.

LDS Jordan River Utah Temple
Copyright 2017 Ashley Ziegler Photography

One Little Word — April 2017

One Little Word 2017 by A Life She Loved: Piece by Piece Through Love and Faith

Please feel free to link your blogs and share with us each month your ‘One Little Word.’ We’re so excited for this!!

One Little Word 2017 — January by A Life She Loved: Piece by Piece Through Love and Faith

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Let’s see how I did in March!

  • Finish reading Quitter by Jon Acuff
  • Start reading Blackberry Crumble by Josi S. Kilpack
  • Study Psalms and pray each night
  • Attend the temple every week, bring a friend if I can
  • Get my virtual assistant website set up as well as social media accounts
  • Plan out my mom’s real estate business posts
  • Spend time on the brand new treadmills in the apartment club house
  • Visit my academic adviser to get my hold removed from my account and go over my future college career!
  • Read at least 10 verses in the Book of Mormon
  • Read 1 chapter in the Book of Mormon with Brady each day
  • Create book presentation for work (this week!)

Not too shabby. March was a crazy busy month for me. One that just did its own thing and I didn’t like it very much. I’m so happy that April is here. Not for any reason other than I love the rain and Spring weather. I anticipate this month to be different from any other month, ever. My dads 1 year passing is this month and I really want to stay focused on my goals this month and do my best to remain positive each day!
My word(s) for April is: PRIORITIES FIRST!


What do I want to accomplish this month?

  • Edit 2 weddings
  • Pack up our apartment (more on that later!)
    • 1 room-ish per week!
  • Finish reading ‘Worth the Wait’ and hopefully finish ‘The Burnout Cure’
  • Read whatever you want in the Standard Works of scripture
  • Go to the temple each week
  • Go to the temple with Brady
  • Create monthly Budget for April & May
  • Move emergency savings to a different account
  • Work all hours each week – 24hrs/wk
  • Attend all 3 hours of church each week
  • Go to gym M-F
  • Work on something creative

Happy April!





Family Temple Time

Yesterday, Brady and I went to the temple with his family! His cousin is going on a 2-year volunteer service (LDS) mission. It’s always such a good feeling to have and place to be when you’re inside the temple with family.

I promise I didn’t plan that rhyme. Ha!

The sister I did an endowment session for was named Maria and she was born on March 3 sometime in the 1800s. I really try to pay attention to the information on the card and say a number of prayers to connect with the Spirit and God as I focus on the person and meaning of the ordinance I’m doing on their behalf. You can learn more about LDS temples and what we do, here:

Brady and Ashley in front of the Draper temple
It was a wonderful time. I always get choked up in the Celestial Room, and especially surrounded by family. I miss my dad so much. But, going to the temple where I feel closest to Heaven really helps. I love my husband and his family and I’m so excited for his cousin!

Congratulations Alex!

My Temple Tour in 2016

Copyright Ashley Ziegler Photography 2016
(L to R: Draper, Ogden, Oquirrh Mountain, Payson, Mt. Timpanogos)

This last year I visited more temples than I thought I was going to! It was amazing to be in each one and to feel the spirit of the Lord. I like to go once a week and try to make it to a new temple at least once a month. I have a few temples left that are quite the distance that’ll need a weekend or two to visit them but I would LOVE to do so this year. So far I have the Logan, Brigham City, Provo, Provo City Center, Vernal, Monticello and St. George temple to visit. Wish me luck this year! :)

Copyright Ashley Ziegler Photography 2016
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Temple

I mentioned earlier in the year in 2016 that while on my family vacation to Las Vegas, I was able to attend the Las Vegas temple. It was amazing!! The session I attended was a Spanish-speaking session so I got to wear a headset to hear it all in English. It was amazing to be the one who didn’t speak the given language. The Spirit was so amazing and so strong. The inside of the temple is magical. I’m pretty sure the celestial room in this temple is hands down my absolute favorite (after the Salt Lake Temple). The sun was shining just perfectly through the windows and everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was pure white in the celestial room and it just looked like heaven. It was the most peaceful experience I’ve had in a temple and a special one that I’ll never forget. 

I’m grateful for temples, and that there are over 150 of them in the WORLD. I truly want to make temple attendance a huge and non-negotiable part of my life and time. Temples have been the #1 source for strength and help and peace for me. I hope that I get to live in one when our Savior comes ;) Wouldn’t that be the dream??

– Jeffrey R. Holland


My Temple Tour in 2015