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Bullet Journaling

December 11, 2017

If you know me at all, you know how much I love all things planner, organization, markers, pens, pencils, stickers, notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, and everything else in the office/school aisle. I’m super into planners, planner stickers, washi tape, and bullet journaling right now. I finally made the jump at purchased a Leuchttrum1917 Bullet Journal that I found at Barnes and Noble. It was the only one there and I was shocked!

Anyway, I’m really enjoying bullet journaling. It’s really relaxing for me when I’m feeling anxious. I also love to try different spreads so I thought maybe I would share a few of them with you here! This bullet journal of mine won’t necessarily be a “planner” per-say, but just a bunch of random spreads until it’s all full and time to get a new one! :)

The image on the left is my mental health tracker. I thought of doing a semi-colon to represent Project Semi-colon regarding mental health. I really love it!

The image on the right is going to be a spread where I create the “ideal day” so I can have more of a structured routine.

Happy Sunday!

November 26, 2017

“Choose God every day. Every day, choose eternal salvation.
Because when we decide and redecide to choose Heavenly Father,
the rest of life seems to fall into place the way it is supposed to.”
— Al (Fox) Carraway

We finished the Book of Mormon!

November 17, 2017

Brady and I finished reading the Book of Mormon! We kind of started reading when we first got married. Then we worked on it here and there throughout the last four years. I can’t believe we finally finished it! :) I’m so proud of us. It’s a long book. The only long book I’ve ever read (fat books intimidate me), and now we’re going to be reading in the Old Testament! I can’t wait. It’s going to be so much great!

I didn’t really care about school/seminary when I was in 10th grade and that is the year we studied the Old Testament, so it’s nice to actually care this time! ;) Haha Brady and I love spending this time together, and sometimes we’ll ask each other questions or what we liked most about the recent chapter we just read. It’s amazing how the Holy Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Temple all connect. It’s amazing and I love it so much!!

In the coming year

September 12, 2017

I’m excited for the coming year. I’ve got some ideas of things I’d like to start doing more, maybe some things I’d like to learn. One thing in particular that I’d like to start doing is reading more books. I don’t like to have regrets, but I wished I would’ve picked up a love for reading when I was younger. There’s so many books that I want to read and never enough time! With the new year and new schedule, I’m hoping to make more time to do so!

I’ve got over 500 books on my TBR list.. not sure that I’ll ever get through them all but I’d LOVE to start reading more of them. I’d love to start reading different genre’s. Many bloggers/book reviewers that I follow read so many different kinds of books and it inspires me to do the same! I’ve always stuck with my normal LDS, Young Adult clean romance novels but I’d love to branch out and learn so much more. I am LDS so it’s obvious that my go-to books are definitely LDS based and I’ve never been one to care for much more than YA romance, YA fiction, LDS fiction/non-fiction, murder-mystery/mystery, self-help, etc. We’ll see what I get to!

I also have some goals to get more familiar with my Silhouette CAMEO 3 machine. I can’t seem to figure out the darn thing. Haha! Anyone have some awesome resources or tutorials they loved? Send them my way. I don’t have anything particular that I want to create… actually, maybe I do. PLANNER STICKERS!! You know, those cute stickers people make for the Erin Condren planners and stuff? I have some personal planner sticker ideas that I want to try and make. Wish me luck!

I’d also love to start a garden. Probably just a flower garden because let’s be real…. I won’t eat anything you can grow (at least, that most people grow). Maybe grapes, or…. actually, idk. Haha!! I also can’t wait to get a dog or two again. B and I have decided to adopt this time, through the Humane Society (wherever our local one is). I’m excited! A lot of upkeep but we miss our first dog so much. SO much!