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Out with a bang!

December 15, 2017

With this recent move of Brady and I, I’ve done a lot of getting rid of, saying goodbye and making changes. I’ve also been doing a lot of praying, reading books, pondering and journaling some of these thoughts and feelings I experience with these changes.

I love blogging. Blogging will always be a huge part of my soul. I love photography, photography will always be a huge part of my soul. These are just a few of my hobbies that I thoroughly enjoy doing almost all of the time. What I’m learning right now though is what takes priority and what matters most, and what I want vs. need.

Brady and I are going to be working hard to become debt free now. We’re doing a budget creation alongside Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and have all of the tools from Dave that we’ll need. We’re ready to smash our debt-free goals and we’re excited and motivated!

With that being said, I’ve got some things I’ll be doing to kind of start things off. First, this blog. I will officially not renew this domain (I thought it would expire last time and it turns out I had a little bit longer than that). This isn’t a huge money saver, but we’re saving where we can.

Social media. Social social social media media media. I’ve often expressed how depressed & stressed out it makes me, being on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter but I can’t seem to cut the ties. Facebook is where most of my family and friends share their lives and I love being able to stay up-to-date on that but its influence on my emotions is too strong and I’m cutting back. I left about 90% of the groups I was apart of. I unfollowed/unliked accounts, pages, or friends to clean up my newsfeed. And it feels oh so good to finally do this.

I’m also doing PathwayConnect starting in January and I’m really really excited!! :) It’s a totally new ballgame for me but I think being at home and having more free-time, it’ll be a good thing for me! Have you done PathwayConnect or know someone who has? :)

I’m just excited to make these changes. I have prayerfully pondered and made these decisions with God and with Brady for my future well-being. I have been so happy and doing so well lately and it’s just really really nice. Of course, I miss my family, but I love where Brady and I are at right now and I know only more exciting things can come from this! I want God to be happy with me, love me and excited for me and I know the only way to do that is to be available to Him, and involve Him in my life over everything else. A lot of this influence comes from a book I’m currently reading, but mostly just having conversations and praying.

I’m just worrying about myself, my family and God. I announce these things because I get asked the same questions a lot. I know that I can do these things privately but to avoid many messages, I’m blogging them! 


Xoxo, may the new year and much more bring you happiness & love!

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So far so good

December 13, 2017

Well, I’m here to report that our new adventure is going good so far! Brady started working on Monday (last week) and he really likes it! He’s doing good and I’m so proud :) I, on the other hand, am enjoying the beautiful weather, reading a great book and spending time with Brady and my in-law’s! I am not too familiar with where we live now but I know I’ll pick it up quick (hopefully)! I’m so excited to go to the library this week and check out some more books. Do some more spreads in my bullet journal, and start exercising a little bit more. There are some exercise goals that I want to work on so I’ll have to do a little bit of research first!

I miss my family and friends. Going home this past weekend was really hard on me. Missing my dad very much, feelings of depression and just being back home really made me wish we hadn’t come home in the first place! I never thought I’d say that but I’m ready to go back to our new home and life. I’m so excited to keep sharing our lives with you here on the blog. Little things that I’m up to and maybe things we do or places we go! One of my goals either this month or next (depending on the weather), is to make it to the temple!! I sure miss that place!

My mother-in-law’s beautiful tree!



Brady and I went to church in our new ward and it went just fine! I was a little nervous going into the classes but I ended up doing great! Brady just looks so cute in his Sunday attire!

Packing Sucks

December 7, 2017

Brady and I have moved a lot in our married life. It’s exhausting and causes me a lot of anxiety. Packing is the worst and I just want to settle somewhere and not have to pack ever again. It’s hard work.

Feeling like I needed to cram in all of my goodbyes was stressful!! There just isn’t enough time in the day or the week or the month! I ended up with a pinched sciatic nerve the last couple of days of work and that was really hard. At my job, I’m on my feet my entire shift and I’m lifting boxes, climbing on ladders, stocking stuff on shelves, walking around… just constantly moving and it really made the pain worse. I tried to tough it out because I didn’t have time to go see a doctor.

I’m so grateful to my mom and my husband who helped me pack our stuff because I would have gone crazy if I had to do this myself. Before taking off on our new adventure, I was able to visit with my cute friend Taelor and her little girls!! They’re so stinkin’ cute. I’ve never met them so I was really excited when we got together for lunch and a treat after! It’s so good to catch up with Tae in real life, I miss her so much!!

So so so so grateful for good people in my life. People that love and care about me. So many people online too! I have amazing online friends as well as IRL friends! ;) My life is one big blessing and I am doing my best to see that each day!


December 6, 2017

Who can be mad waking up to this every morning?

It has been quite some time since I have done this linkup! But I’m excited to share with you what I’m currently up to!

Lighting /// Wishing that I could light some of my fancy smell-good candles that I got months ago from Bath & Body Works. Like, I’m pretty sure I got all of them at the beginning of summer. Haha!! Other than that, I’m watching Christmas tree lights and decorations turn on at night time here! It’s beautiful and it makes me love Christmas time even more!

Spending /// NOTHING. Haha, let’s just say I’ll be buying very few Christmas gifts and just enjoying the holidays with family. We’re trying to save up our money’s annnnnnnd pay off debt :( Bleh! Debt sucks. But living like no one else so later, we can live like no one else… bittersweet. Haha!!

Choosing /// I am choosing to read books over watching tv. I am choosing my husband over other friendships/relationships. I am choosing God each morning to help me feel less anxious and depressed during the day. I am choosing to make my emotional state better than it would probably be. I am choosing to choose instead of letting other factors choose for me.

Sending /// CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! I’ll be sending Christmas cards very soon! I’m probably already late to the game but who cares, everyone loves Christmas cards!! If you want one, be sure to fill out this form here! I’m also sending love to those affected by the fires going on in California, or anyone who may be struggling at this time in their life. The holiday season can be such a blessing and a delightful time but we mustn’t forget that for some, it’s not that way.

Singing /// Oh gosh, I am singing ALL the things. Let’s see here, I’m totes in love with I Could Use a Love Song by Maren Morris, Five More Minutes by Scotty McCreery, Yours by Russell Dickerson, Hurricane by Luke Combs, Love So Soft and I Don’t Think About You by Kelly Clarkson (because she’s faaaavvveeee), ILYSoWhat by Hannah Ellis, High School by Kelsea Ballerini, What Ifs by Kane Brown, Sorry Not Sorry by Demi Lovato, Lady Antebellum’s new cd, basically anything off of Danielle Bradbery’s new cd I Don’t Believe We’ve Met, I am listening to Taylor Swift’s new cd reputation, and still trying to find my love for it.

Also, I guess I’m a country fan. Haha!! Anyway, you have any new hip stuff you’re singing (and listening to) that I haven’t listed? Share in a comment below!! 

There’s been a lot of changes going on so watching for a little bit of that post soon! Xoxo

One more thing, don’t forget to link up here or here and tell us what you’re currently up to! :)