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Happy Anniversary!!

Brady and I had a really relaxed anniversary! It was on a Monday which was totally a bummer but whatevs, we had a good time! We stayed local and relaxed at home. We watched something together, and then for dinner, we went to the Cheesecake Factory Mmmmm!! So stinkin’ good! Brady had a gift card that we used. Thank goodness! That place can be expensive!! But so good.

I still can’t believe we’ve been married 4 years. 4 YEARS. I know many of you out there think that it’s nothing, but to me, that’s a long time. That’s 2 missions!! ;) I’m learning to find who I am with Brady. That probably doesn’t make any sense but I’ve struggled to leave my single life with friends behind, and be with my husband friend more! Not that it’s wrong to have friends when you’re married but I struggled with this life changing event. I love Brady with all of my heart, and we have endured so much. But when I finally decided for myself that it was time to change my nutrition and exercise habits, it literally changed everything in my life.

My relationship and friendship with Brady became stronger. I started to cherish, more, the time that we spent together. When I had free time, I would spend as much of it with him that I could before he had to go to work or something. I haven’t given Brady enough credit, and on this blog it looks like I battle this life alone, but it’s not true. Brady is the only person who has been through every teeny tiny thing with me. Like when I worked ALL of my hours for 2 months straight, with zero panic attacks OR missing work. He held me that one time I cried all day because I was physically feeling so depressed.

He is my everything and does everything, just for me. I’m grateful he is mine, and forever!!

The day before our anniversary (Sunday), we went to Church and then to my grandparents’ home for a birthday bbq. My grandparents’ birthday are 2 days apart so it was fun to celebrate both of them! Because of this, we also got to see our Lucy girl. We just love her so much and miss her everyday but are so grateful for her “foster family,” my grandparents & aunt.

Easter Sunday

I’m a week late getting this post up but better late than never!

I have the cutest husband in the world. :)

Brady and I are moving this weekend so we’re kind of in-between wards right now. We went to my mom’s ward (the ward I grew up in) on Easter Sunday. I was so anxious and so nervous. I don’t know why I get that way about her ward, because I know everyone there, but I just do. Luckily, we got there with minutes to spare so nobody really talked to us (relief). When it was over, we rushed home to grab our stuff for a family Easter feast! :)

We had amazing dinner with our family and my sister-in-laws family. Say whaa?? Yup! Our families are really good friends and we do things together every now and then. I’ve been on a meal plan (last week was week 1, more to comeo n that later) so I wasn’t able to eat the delicious lasagna and breadsticks that everybody else did. But, my meal was yummy and I couldn’t wait to eat it all!

I’m very thankful for the Easter holiday and another reminder to focus on Christ a little bit more. I’m grateful for Him and the Atoning sacrifice he made so that I can see my dad and other loved ones again. I hope y’all had a wonderful Easter!


One Little Word 2017 — February

One Little Word 2017 by A Life She Loved: Piece by Piece Through Love and Faith

Please feel free to link your blogs and share with us each month. We’re so excited for this!!

One Little Word 2017 — January by A Life She Loved: Piece by Piece Through Love and Faith

Mama MotivatesAubrey Zaruba | A Life She Loved | The Morrell Tale | The Banks Blog


Let’s see how did I did in January!

  • Organizing my desk
    • Put files where they belong
    • Organize each shelf
    • Get rid of paper/things I don’t need
    • Make it inspiring to sit at
    • Personalize
  • Read the Book of Mormon in 1 year by following this study plan
  • Lay low on the SeneGence track (and yes, I do still sell it!) —still on the fence about it.
  • Organize my photography calendar
    • Block out dates I am unavailable
    • Set reminders in my phone
    • Coordinate emails with my calendar
  • Write in my testimony journal each fast Sunday
  • Prepare my Nursery lessons 3 days ahead of time
  • Pay off CC #1 —we’re almost there!!
    • Including extra income
  • Practice in my hand lettering book I got for Christmas
  • Start my new thankful series
  • Blog certain topics every so often each month
    • Write ideas down on my calendar
    • Sit down each Sunday and prep posts
  • Use my DSLR more often each day
    • Practice settings like back-button focusingan every day practice!
  • Read my “currently reading” books!!! (I’ve been lacking so badly!)
  • Do laundry every day instead of every other day
  • Get ready for the day (whether that’s hair, makeup, etc.)

Okay, so I didn’t do too well but January was kind of a mess for me and I was really busy with weddings and sessions!


What do I want to accomplish this month?

  • Edit 2 engagement sessions
  • Finish editing 1 wedding
  • Finish reading The Burnout Cure by Julie Hanks
  • Take Lucy on a walk every day
  • Workout using the Aaptiv app Monday through Friday
    • For 30 minutes to an hour
  • Prep blog posts for blog
    • Thankful Series
    • Sunday posts
  • Prep blog posts for business blog
    • Vendor highlights
    • Bride tips
    • Edit and post second-shooting sessions
    • Edit and post styled shoot sessions
  • Work on special discount project for photography business
  • Prep Nursery lesson three days in advance
  • Shoot a photo every single day

Whelp, that’s all I got for right now! A few fun things going on this month and I’m really excited! :) Happy February! xoxo


Life of a Photographer

Life as a Photographer

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably very aware that photography is all my life consists of right now. It’s tiring but so fulfilling. I was really busy with weddings from November Through the beginning of January. I was able to go to a Rising Tide Society Tuesday’s Together meetup. It was a great Q&A and learning about efficiency and management systems. It’s nice to meet local creatives!

Rising Tide Society Tuesdays Together Meetup Salt Lake


Weeks before my dad passed, I had signed up for two different marketing courses for my business. I signed up for Kylee Ann’s Marketing Course and Jenna Kutcher’s Marketing for Photographers Course (it is now called the Photo Lab). I was really excited for both. After my dad passed, both of these courses started. I really started to apply what I was learning about Instagram, from both, to my business. I deleted work from my Instagram that I feel didn’t represent my mission or my style very well. I utilized the 30 hashtag allowance that Instagram has. I did different hashtags each time and only used the same 3 in my caption every time. I started to actively comment and like photos that I saw on my feed, and began to follow more creatives in my local community.

I began to blog more intentionally and paid more attention to SEO with each post. I invested in web design, and switched to WordPress. I just took my business more seriously. I wrote out a goal to hit 400 followers in 3 months, 450 followers in 6 months and 500 in a year. I know I’m stretching that pretty thin but growing your own genuine followers can take a while (at least for me it does). But to my surprise, I hit my 6 month goal in 3 months. Stats just sky-rocketed after I started implementing all of these things to my business.

I purchased a workshop ticket, lined up weddings to second shoot/assist with while I worked hard on my business. This photo below just shows you what a difference putting in the work looks like. Followers shouldn’t be important, and they fluctuate every single day. On the far left, you’ll see where I started. In the middle is where I was at in 3 months. On the far right is where I’m at today and it hasn’t even been a year since I started these courses.

I’ve written a blog post about this on my business website but I just can’t be more proud of myself. Despite the challenges I face daily, the non-existent bookings I get and the saturated market here in Utah, I’m still moving forward. I’ve put so much into this and I don’t want to quit. I don’t want to ever stop this. I’m just really excited that I’ve finally found my “style” and that I’m becoming (slowly) the photographer that I want to be!

Ashley Ziegler Photography Instagram


Styled Shoots – I’ve had the pleasure to be apart of two different styled shoots. A styled shoot is when a vendor (wedding planner, photographer, florist, etc.) plans a styled shoot with a bride or bride/groom and finds vendors to participate and then lets other photographers know about it and what the price is to shoot this styled shoot and then you go and build portfolio and practice and network.

I attended one in mid-January that was so much fun. It was crazy with lots of photographers but fun nonetheless. I love networking and making new friends :) Plus, I got a lot of good shots! I’m excited about it. Still in the middle of editing but I can’t wait to share more over here!

© Ashley Ziegler Photography 2017
© Ashley Ziegler Photography 2017




This past weekend, I attended Photo Native and paid to do a styled shoot with a photographer that I just really admire! :) She’s the sweetest and I love learning from her! Here’s a little bts! Also, in the Shoot and Share contest that is done every year (and it’s free), I not only submitted a photo but I went “all in” and submitted the max 50 photos allowed per entry/photographer. I can’t believe I did all 50! Last year I only entered maybe like 15! Don’t forget to sign up and vote!! Voting starts February 1st!!! :)

Life as a Photographer

Life as a Photographer
Some friends at the shoot!
Life as a Photographer
My badge/button for the contest :)

I love being busy and doing what I love. Getting lost in creating beautiful artwork that I am proud to show to everyone, is my favorite thing ever. I’ve grown so much over the last two years and I can’t believe year 3 is approaching this summer!! :) Don’t forget I have a referral program! For every client you send my way who books and signs, you will get a gift card from me. Or maybe a surprise or something.. :) Also, if you know of anyone getting married this year or soon or in a few months, send them my way!! :) I’ve got great things added to my packages!




Our Superhero Tree

Our Superhero Tree by A Life She Loved: Piece by Piece Through Love and Faith

I’m so excited to finally have this post up on my blog. We did our Festival of Trees last week and it was so much fun. We had amazing help from my aunt who is really good at decorating and making things look good. My other aunt, grandma, sister and mom all came to decorate too. So many more were definitely there in spirit!

We started early in the morning and there were already a lot of people there decorating their tree. It was fun to get an early sneak peek at the trees this year! We all worked so hard and so fast. I never knew what it took to make a tree look “full.” We had fun laughing, and everyone helped. It was so fun for us and such a good way for us to remember my dad. Everything was Captain America, blue, red or silver. 

I had to go back later that night to finish a few things that we needed to finish later. I kind of felt emotionally attached to it. Haha, once you check out the belongings are then owned by Festival of Trees. It’s exciting but you work so hard on it and then it’s just not yours anymore. Such a dumb thing to be emotional about. 

My mom purchased biding night tickets which was SUCH an awesome deal. Her and I went and it was the perfect way to experience the festival of trees. It was fun to see all of the stuff donated and the trees decorated. It was just amazing to know that 100% of everything sold goes straight to Primary Children’s. I’m a #pcmcalumni, or what its known as now just Primary Children’s Hospital. It was fun to be honoring my dad, and donating to a hospital that I spent a lot of time at growing up! :)

We were really happy when it was time to go. Our tree sold and we’re excited about it! We’re so thankful! It was a great experience for us as a family and THANK YOU to everyone who donated their time and money to make this possible for us and for my dad. This was done by everyone, not just us! :) We love you all so much!!

Our Superhero Tree by A Life She Loved: Piece by Piece Through Love and Faith Our Superhero Tree by A Life She Loved: Piece by Piece Through Love and FaithOur Superhero Tree by A Life She Loved: Piece by Piece Through Love and Faith Our Superhero Tree by A Life She Loved: Piece by Piece Through Love and FaithOur Superhero Tree by A Life She Loved: Piece by Piece Through Love and FaithOur Superhero Tree by A Life She Loved: Piece by Piece Through Love and Faith