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Shaylee’s Baby Shower

November 20, 2017

On Saturday, my cute friend Shaylee had a baby shower
for her little girl due in February!
Shaylee and I worked together for the Church.
I haven’t seen her since I left my job there. :(

It was so fun to see her childhood home,
meet her family & friends, and celebrate
this cute new little one they are adding to the family!

Shaylee is so humble, positive, and grateful.
It’s very contagious, and whenever I’m around her,
I feel better about life. :)

I’m going to miss her so much!
I can’t wait to meet her little one,
I’ll definitely be making the trip down
to meet this cutie pie.

Love you shay! You’re going to be a great mom!

Just hangin’ out

November 20, 2017

I had a pretty good weekend.
Spent a lot of it with family & Brady.
On Friday, I went to the mall with my mom and sister, and her boys.
It was pretty fun! We love browsing the mall.

Cooper was my little friend that day.
I love spending time with the boys!!

I also got my gorgeous ring cleaned,
so I of course had to take a photo of it!
I’m excited for Thanksgiving this week,
we’ll be spending time with Brady’s dad & his family.

Hulk aka Seth

November 20, 2017

Seth is the Hulk in the family.
He has worn this costume for a very long time.
He’s so funny and acts like Hulk in everything that he does,
while he wears his costume.

Him and Evan were over the other day, and they were looking at
their reflections in the ornaments on the tree.
Seth kept showing his muscles or yelling as if he were Hulk.
–I mean, he is Hulk–
It was so cute and hilarious. I caught a little bit on video.
This kid makes me laugh so much!

She’s having a girl!

November 20, 2017

I’m so stinkin’ excited!! My sister is having a little girl!!!
We’ve all been wondering if she was finally going to break the ice.
I only have nephews (whom I love veeerryyyy much),
so we’re all pretty excited to add some PINK to the bunch!

Sawyer is so excited for a little sister and Cooper is excited about the balloons.
So happy for you lins! Love you!!